Sri Dasam Granth Sahib


History about Dasam Bani :
Historical sources like Sri Gur Sobha, Parchi Sevadas, Gurbilas KOer Singh, Mahima Parkash, Gurbilas Sukha Singh, Bansavali Nama explained about Dasam Guru's Bani. Click the link to get more detail into it.

Dasam Granth in Sikh History - A Well Researched Lecture by Dr. Gursewak Singh


Dasam Granth vs. Markandeya Puran

Scholars on Dasam Bani:

Giani Ditt Singh -> Click Here
Professor Sahib Singh -> Click Here

Anti Dasam People History:
Anti Dasam People - Sons of Ram Rayias
Anti Dasam People - Deployed by BJP/RSS